Our research has told us…

During the course of our work over the last year a clear trend emerged where clients have been looking at a much more focused approach to the research services that have supported our general consultancy work.

We have therefore responded to this and are pleased to announce the launch of our new dedicated Research and Insights service.

Failing to fully understand your business, not asking the right questions or basing decisions upon informed knowledge is a dangerous practice. Yet too many businesses do just that and therefore often make potentially business-changing decisions on a gut-feel, anecdotal thinking or assumptions.

We have helped many clients this year from across the spectrum of insurance, banking and wider financial services gain real insight, where the right questions have been asked both internally and externally. Armed with the answers we have been able to provide them with a deep understanding of what the real challenges are for them, along with pragmatic solutions based upon genuine insight. The results for them; a true commercial advantage.

Where have we helped?

By way of examples, highlighted below are some of our recent projects:

Sector Overviews

We have provided economic and risk profiles including financial performance and prospects; sector profiles and breakdowns; key risk and insurance issues.


Understanding the likely market opportunity, we have drawn comprehensive pictures of how markets segment based on needs, and establish for each segment a clear view on the needs, buying behaviours, key purchase criteria and our client’s performance against them.

Customer Insight

Our clients have been keen to understand their customers’ needs in more detail; what customers are looking for; business opportunities from client insights; what’s needed to win their business.

Competitor Benchmarking

Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for many of our clients, so we have assessed their business performance against peer competitors: strategy, operations, offering, segmentation, financials.

Business and Brand Perception

How companies are perceived by clients, prospects and distributors? We have assisted in assessing and addressing prejudices and misinformed views to better position their brand and offering against competitors.

Review of Strategic Wins and Losses

Winning business is key in a competitive market. Understanding why accounts are won or lost is therefore essential. We undertake forensic reviews to establish best practices and learn from past experiences.

Clients have included UK & European based insurers, reinsurers, brokers, expert service suppliers and law firms.

As the proverb says ‘assume nothing, question everything’, so if you would like to learn more about how we have benefited our clients and how we could help you, then do get in touch for an informal discussion.