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Understanding your business, asking the right questions and using that informed knowledge to provide detailed insight and understanding underpins all of our thinking and actions. Working across our key industry sectors - insurance, financial services and banking, we have a team of research and sector experts able to engage with your business to shape your research requirements, and get to the real issues. The result is not just a set of answers, but a deep understanding of what the real challenges are along with pragmatic solutions delivering true insight and commercial advantage for our clients.

What makes us different?

Unrivalled expertise & proven track record on delivering successful research programmes in the insurance sector. We have worked in senior positions in client organisations - we understand your environment, your language, your needs and your clients’ requirements.

Access to insights: we know the market, we know the people and we can access the insights our clients need.

Incorporated research/consultancy and delivery offering: research is only the first step. We use the insights to work with our clients to decide and implement their strategies.

By way of examples, highlighted below are some of our recent projects:

Sector Overviews
We were engaged to provide economic and risk profiles including financial performance and prospects; sector profiles and breakdowns; key risk and insurance issues.

Understanding the likely market opportunity, we were engaged to draw a comprehensive picture of how the market segments based on needs, and establish for each segment, a clear view on the needs, buying behaviours, key purchase criteria and our client’s performance against them.

Customer Insight
Our clients were keen to understand their customers’ needs in more detail; what customers are looking for; business opportunities from client insights; what’s needed to win their business.

Competitor Benchmarking
Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for many of our clients, so we were engaged to assess their business performance against peer competitors: strategy, operations, offering, segmentation, financials.

Business and Brand Perception
How is your company perceived by your clients, prospects and distributors? We have assisted our clients in assessing and addressing prejudices and misinformed views to better position their brand and offering against competitors.

Review of Strategic Wins and Losses
Winning business is key in a competitive market. Understanding why you win or lose is essential. We were engaged to undertake a forensic review to establish best practices and learn from past experiences.


You can be assured that we have the market knowledge, expertise and understanding to deliver results that can really make a difference to your business.

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