How to: Manage your stand at events

With AMRAE on the horizon you’re familiar with the amount of time, planning and hard work that goes into developing company stands. But how can you ensure that this is all worthwhile?

Even some of the best stands can end up being a disappointing waste of resources. The reason for this is that, while everyone is so busy creating the perfect stand from an aesthetic or functional perspective, too often the important task of stand management on the day is overlooked.

Your stand is your front cover at an event

The people representing the stand need to represent and reflect your brand.

You could have the most unique and impressive stand, but if the people look out of place or cannot add value, you will struggle to keep anyone from moving on to other stands. This could obviously be detrimental both for your success from that individual event, and for peoples’ longer term perceptions of your brand.

There are two ways to ensure that you do not suffer from this common issue:

1. Carefully select the people who represent your stand
2. Rotate the people who represent your stand

People selection

The people you choose to act as ambassadors for your stand and your brand should personify your company culture and brand values, have an extensive knowledge of your brand to fuel discussions and accurately answer any questions presented, and should be confident with meeting new people and engaging in relationship-building conversations.

People rotation

Effective stand management does not end there. It’s all very well selecting the perfect candidates to represent your stand, but failing to rotate their duties will eventually exhaust their skills.

Manning a stand is mentally and physically tiring. The hard floor and unnatural walking can be a back killer, while the false environment and constant pressure or awareness of impressions and networking can take it out of you.

Keep fresh. Have a stand project leader to rotate and manage breaks. It’s difficult with senior people.

It’s a stand, not an office. Manage your space

Don’t swamp the stand – you don’t want the stand to be so overpopulated with your staff that it appears intimidating for others.

Your stand should also not look sterile. The atmosphere of your stand should be inviting to attract event-goers and spark conversation.


So, when preparing for an event, remember there is more to a successful stand than meets the eye.


photo credit: Curve

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