Case Studies

Business strategy and proposition/service development

Standing out in the crowded service supplier arena is always a challenge

We were engaged by a specialist claims management business to help shape their proposition and positioning within a crowded service supplier sector – often driven by price over service.

Through a proven operating model and workshop approach, we were able to draw out from the business some key DNA that we could then shape and visualise into a stand out value proposition, which we would engage with the market through both traditional and social channels. Getting their people in front of key prospects was critical to the engagement strategy.

Challenging a dominant player

Looking to expand their existing position in a market dominated by a single well-established and connected player was a real challenge for this client. They had the potential to do more, but needed to refresh their thinking.

We were engaged to carry out a series of projects to define their value proposition and position and then create a brand that would support and engage this – allowing them to tell a different and engaging story that was different to the dominant market player. Through a series of workshops and interviews with key market players and potential customers we were able to understand how the market valued the client and what they were looking for in a supplier to support them in the future. The result of the activities was a flurry to new business opportunities.

Moving to new ground

A well-established insurance player was keen to develop their undoubted skills and broaden their market offering by moving into an already well serviced market segment, but one where they felt that there was an opportunity to offer something new. We were engaged to help review their initial thinking and research and challenge the current thinking – drawing upon our experience of that market. Working with various teams across the business, we carried out detailed research with the market and potential clients, as well as workshops internally to understand the scope of risk appetite in various business verticals and how the delivery of the value proposition would live. The initial aspects are now rolling out, with the overall project continuing on a class by class basis.

Breaking new ground…

Having carried out some detailed research of our own, it became clear that there was a real opportunity to provide risk and insurance services to a newly development segment of the market.

Working with a major global broker, we carried out further insight into the needs of the segment – meeting with a range of end companies to explore their risk issues and what insurance support they needed in the future. Armed with this level of insight, we worked with our client to develop a single proposition – supported by a panel of insurers, including a common wording and claims process. The project launched on time and within budget – resulting in new revenues for our client and their supporting panel.

Market overviews

A client approach us with the desire to understand more about the competitive landscape in a range of countries spread across the globe. Armed with a brief on the range of information required, we carried out an intensive secondary research program – accessing existing, publicly held and online data to given a detailed report on the market scale and opportunity.

The result was a project to investigate in more depth the opportunity to launch new products in 2 countries.

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